We are a small and creative web development shop with a passion for building exceptional websites.

Some of the great companies we are proud to work with.

We take pride in making great websites that are creative, simple, and easy to use.


Jonathan Chu
Jonathan Chu has been a Django user since v0.97. Since then, he has gained valuable experience building dynamic websites and ecommerce solutions in a variety of fields, from large corporations to bootstrapped startups. He wears many hats in the company, but always finds time to fix computers during family parties.
Kit La Touche
Kit La Touche is a 100% real, certified, grade-A organic human. He's been into web development since he first had a computer, and into Python since he was first initiated into the cult of the serpent doing artificial intelligence and natural language processing work in college. He's worn many hats, from language-modeller to sysadmin, and is now looking for the perfect user-experience designer hat.
Heather Smith
Heather Smith has been interested in computers for as long as she can remember. During high school she turned that interest into a love for design and hasn't looked back. She has a passion for designing pixel perfect websites and graphics and is always keeping her eyes on the latest trends in web design and typography.

Our Services

We have a strong focus on usability, web standards, and accessibility. Along with technical expertise in proven web technologies, we evalute your needs and help choose the right tool for you.

Strategy Consulting

Not all applications are created equal - by analyzing your requirements, we will help choose the right solution for you.

Django and Flask Development

We ♥ Python and use awesome frameworks such as Django and Flask.

Frontend Web Development

We enjoy working with frameworks such as Backbone.js and AngularJS, coupled with great tools such as Sass and LESS.

Design & Usability

We firmly believe that good design and usability stems from simplicity and user-friendly interfaces.

SEO Consulting

By following SEO best practices and studying the competition, we'll create a custom SEO strategy for your company based on your needs and budget.

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